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I’m actually having some trouble figuring out wikipedia pages that I could possibly working on. I currently have two options that I might want to do, but I’m still open to other options as I look further into this.

I will edit this along the way if I have more to say on the topics or if I figure something else to work on.

  • GetĀ inĀ Trouble by Kelly Link
    • I read some of the short stories from this book a few years ago for a creative writing class and am extremely willing to reread and finish it.
    • There is no current wikipedia page for the book specfically, but there is one for Kelly Link.
    • This is a collection of short stories which all contain aspects of magical realism and other fantastical elements.
    • It was a Pulitzer Prize Finalist in 2016.
  • Hieu Minh Nguyen
    • As linked, there is already a wikipedia page for him, but it is marked as a stub as there is not much on there, and the format is messy.
    • He also does spoken word and some of his poems are on youtube, yet nothing is said on the page about that.

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